What is design if not the constant search for creativity at the service of the consumer?

It is this belief that has led Brionvega to start a collaboration with the IED, the European Institute of Design in Turin.

The designers of the three-year Industrial Design course – under the expert guidance of teachers Marco Valente and Paolo Trevisan – were able to enjoy the opportunity of grappling with consumer electronics projects that best expressed the values of Brionvega.

How were the projects presented? Simple, with a concept and a preliminary model (actual size or to scale) of the product.

You are an academic institution, a university or a designer and you want to submit your proposal or propose a collaboration?

Write to info@brionvega.it, we will evaluate as soon as your ideas.


Combining the classic brand Brionvega and the most advanced technologies for the reproduction of sound, born ZERO/1 player vinyl arm tangential support audio cd, mp3 and dvd.

The remote control, on the front, provides the ability to create custom playlists through immediate commands and guessed.


Roberto Strippoli: robisan@hotmail.it
Francesco Cugusi: fra.collision@alice.it