Loud Personality.

1960. The eyes of the world are watching Italy. And those eyes are full of admiration: cretivity, ideas, innovation.
Desire to dream. And to create. Those are the years in which Italian style is loved by the whole world.
Those are the years of  RadioCubo, RadioGrattacielo,RadioFonografo Doney and Algol: products with an extraordinary personality.
Those are the years of Brionvega.

The most brilliant and awarded designers get to work.
In less than ten years they design radios and Tvs different from any other before and after.
All of them dedicated to the beauty lovers

Finally exciting shapes. Finally colour. Finally industrial design with a strong personality .
The Brionvega classics become cult objects in contemporary art museums from the Milan Triennale to the New York MoMA.

And today they come back to life thanks to Sim2, Italian leading company in the audio-video field.
Always capable of charming, as in the 1960s. From the legend to your home again.



Founded in 1995, SIM2 Multimedia is among the world's leading companies in the manufacturing of high quality professional
and home projection systems.
It produceshome theater front projectors, videowalls, professional systems for control rooms and projectors for e-cinema applications.
All of them with the highest performances and an unmatched technology level because it invests more than 20% of its human resources and 10% of its income in innovation, research and development.

SIM2 is the flagship of hi-tech Italy: with headquarters and plants in Pordenone,
it has its own branch offices in the UK, the USA and China and
specialized dealers in 45 other countries.
And now Brionvega will benefit from its experience and know-how.

Through BV, a self-managing company 100% controlled by SIM2.
A company whose only goal is a worldwide relaunch of objects which made the history of Made in Italy design.
Refined, exclusive objects with a strong character which, in addition to technology, have two unique features: history and legend.



Achille Castiglioni, Piergiacomo Castiglioni Mario Bellini, Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso,  and Ettore Sottsass,
worldwide famous designers,  authors 
of RadioCubo,  RadioGrattacielo, Radiofonografo, Algol, Doney.
They created a perfect synthesis of aesthetic pleasure, ease of use, technology and timeless design.

Spectacularity is not a value in itself:
but passion, love and the strong will to make them an essential part of our daily life make Brionvega products great.
That's why products such as RadioCubo or the Algol portable TV
are cult objects displayed in the most prestigious museums all over the world.

Works with aknowledged and timeless value.

Works with a loud personality.