The society

Brionvega is unique brand:
for its history and characteristics, for its products and its different industrial and commercial strategy.

The Brionvega’s products reflect the commitment of the company, to the marriage of Technology and Design with two main concepts, always strictly followed:

  • the Product must be a companion, like a good friend or a pet
  • the product must last long, be «lived» and left to the next generation

Today, BRIONVEGA is a Brand of BV2, "the BRIONVEGA ART Products Company", a company whose only objective is “Promote and enhanced the cult of the BRIONVEGA Icons Products and the design MADE IN ITALY all around the world”.


Loud Personality

1960. Everyone's eyes are on Italy. And they are eyes full of admiration: creativity, ideas, innovation.
A great desire to dream. And to do.
These are the years that make the Italian style love the world.
These are the years of radio.cubo, radio skyscraper, radiofonografo, doney, algol and many others: products with an extraordinary personality. The most ingenious and innovative designers get to work. In just over a decade, they have been designing radios and televisions different from any other before and after. All dedicated to lovers of beauty. Finally exciting shapes.
Finally the color. Finally industrial design with a strong personality.
Products that end in worship. In contemporary art museums, from the Milan Triennale to the New York MoMA.
Always capable of enchanting as in the 1960s.
From the myth, back to your home.

The idea

Mario Bellini, Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso, the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Hannes Wettstein and Ettore Sottsass.
World-renowned designers, authors of the legendary products of the 60s, able to be not only current but able to compete with the future more and better than contemporary objects.
They have combined in a perfect synthesis aesthetic pleasure, ease of use, technology and timeless design.
Works of recognized value and destined to last.
Works with a strong personality.



There is consumer electronics. Knobs, cables, peripherals, memory units, supports ... And then there is Brionvega, the art of design since 1960.
A story made of creativity, unconventional models, strong personalities and cult products. A story whose protagonists are brilliant designers who over the decades have been able to distort the concept of mass electronics, signing radios and TVs different from any other model seen before.
Timeless industrial design for a unique style. radiocubo, radio grattacielo, radiofonografo, Doney, Algol. Innovative products, symbols of Italian design that knows how to amaze and make the whole world fall in love.
Exciting shapes, advanced technologies, explosion of colors and details.

The design revolution has only one name: Brionvega!