radiofonografo Primo: Why an homage?

radiofonografo Primo: Why an homage?

BRIONVEGA reinterprets the first original radiofonografo designed in 1965 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni naming it PRIMO to pay homage to the first ever version - a must-have item for design lovers, an antique yet contemporary work of art - and celebrate the “epic” Sixties.

At the time, the long wave of the post-war booming economy supported technology progress and economic growth that along with socio-political and cultural events revolutionized permanently the new generations’ values, aspirations and lifestyles. The Italian industrial design drove the “New Renaissance”, dominating the world with its innovative and appealing productions and objects through outstanding project skills, brand-new functions and research of cutting-edge materials.

2020 09 03 radiofonografo primo perche una celebrazione primo

With the first model born, BRIONVEGA launches a limited edition to celebrate this golden age with perhaps the most famous item, a complex yet iconic product not only for its collection but for the entire historical period. The radiofonografo has actually been produced for over 55 years in few and masterly-crafted pieces. Exposed in museums and modern design books, it perfectly frames Italy during those enlightened years.

A strong-willed and hard-working country that showed how to get back on one’s feet after the devastation of war, while generating a revolutionary
rebirth able to cross borders and reposition our image through a brave entrepreneurial vision and the genius of creative minds with outstanding
craftmanship skills.
The mind goes to modern times, devastated by a crisis with no par affecting the entire planet: no emergency in history has ever spread so fast
with such uncertainty. One day, our generation will be able to tell as many stories: deep-rooted fears and new emotions, paralyzing despair and
tormenting memories, dreading failure and the joy of being able to rewrite - all together - a new normality.