RRadio.cubo TS522D+S

Radio.cubo TS522D+S

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369,00 €
Discover the best radio.cubo ever, now with rechargeable battery!
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Audio and Video
  • Bluetooth
  • Dab/Dab+
  • Fm

Dual power supply:

  • Electric
  • Lithium battery (6 hr)
Standards and interfaces
  • DAB+
  • Aux port
  • Bluetooth

The new radio.cubo ts522d+S reinvents itself, without losing its characteristic identity and personality.  A new rechargeable lithium battery allows you to always have your ts522d+S with you and never feel alone (up to 6 hours of continuous playtime *). Renewed electronics and structural improvements provide a more powerful and deeper sound.

ts522d+S features its original design; a shape that remains unchanged after 50 years thanks to its unparalleled style.

With Radio.cubo TS522d+S programming and playing your favorite playlists has never been easier. Just connect your smartphone, tablet or PC via either the last generation Bluetooth or Aux wired input. Listen in High Definition your playlists from Spotify,  Deezer or other internet radio channels!

The Radio has never been more iconic and technological. Listen to your favorite digital radio stations using the DAB / DAB + or FM functions, and wake up with the right notes thanks to the programmable radio clock.

Radio.cubo TS522D + S is equipped with a remote control to control it comfortably at a distance. And, to deliver an even more enveloping listening experience, it features an input – OUTPUT – for a second speaker!

The emotions and feelings that Radio.cubo TS522D + S Bluetooth can give are available in the classic, historic Brionvega colors: orange sun, snow white, red, and black night.


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