The Castiglioni

the family

the three brothers Livio, Pier Giacomo and Achille are the sons of Livia Bolla and of the renowned sculptor Giannino Castiglioni from Milan. They are among the fathers of italian industrial design, co-founders of the ADI (italian design association), winner of 13 “Compasso d’Oro” prices. Their work includes hundreds of original products. They used to work with Brionvega, giving a crucial contribution to making it a worldwide renowned company.

la famiglia

the studio

Four rooms and a big mirror in a corner to see the whole studio. One window looking to the Castello Sforzesco appearing in the middle of Sempione park. Inside the studio, which is today open for tours as a museum, the visitors can find some brothers’ projects, Achille’s collection of anonymous objects and many photos of friends and collaborators which dealt with the brothers during the years

the friends

The brothers’ studio became soon the landmark for companies and worldwide renowned designers which tightened strong friendship and collaborations with the Castiglioni. Among such relationships is worth remembering Massimo Vignelli who worked as a designer, the great friend and collaborator Max Huber, Vico Magistretti, Bruno Munari, Enzo mari and many other.

gli amici

Achille and Pier Giacomo

Their cooperation begins in 1946 and they immediately reach international recognitions and achievements, while contributing to the success of companies such as Brionvega, Cassina and Flos. They get several awards, taking the italian design right on top of the international attention. In 1965 they jointly designed Radiofonografo which will become a symbol of italian handcrafting