the product

the idea

“That was the important thing, the stereo sound. So we needed to have the two speakers far away”. This is the concept at the base of radiofonografo. Mobility, dynamism to an object which used to be static in essence. Together with minimalistic shape research, the essence of the project, or the “main engineering component” as the Castiglioni loved to define it.

il progetto

the project

Mobility, three different configurations, freely speakers placement, wheels for moving the device to any place in the house. Everything is put to use in delivering the best possible listening experience. Finally the unmistakable “smile” turning it into a friendly object, a musical pet, getting technology closer to the user. Achille itself will define it as “expressionist object”.

the radiofonografo

A modular game, a moving object, two speakers with several possible combinations. Over the central body with minimal encumbrance for listening to the radio. On the sides to listen to vinyl records. Detached and placed around the room in order to better appreciate the stereo sound. Radiofonografo is such, the charm of simplicity.


the auction

Radiofonografo appeal, since its birth, has never stopped captivating anyone, young and older people, great artists and normal people. The very same David Bowie owned one of them in its collection, and it was recently sold on auction at Sotheby's along with other works of art by Marcel Duchamp, Meret Hoppenheim, Ettore Sottsass, Damien Hirst, Frank Auerbach